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This Assorted Edible Flower Mix Includes 20 pieces of edible flowers (10 big, 10 small)


About Our Flowers


Cornflower, also known as Centaurea, features mixed colours of cornflower-blue, purple, pink, and white. Cornflower is an edible flower that could be used for cake decorations and teas etc., making it a great choice for adding a bit of elegance and delicacy to your cuisine. With dimension of approx. 4cm × 4cm.


Queen Sofia Marigold is an edible flower with orange-red petals and a golden rim. With hints of citrus, spice, and slightly bitter. With dimension of approx. 4cm × 4cm.


Nasturtium flower is a very decorative edible flower in red and orangy colours, with a sweet punch at first and a peppery taste note following after, while Nasturtium leaf first gives you a fresh punch and then a peppery taste note following after. The flower is a great source of vitamins, manganese, iron, phosphorus and calcium, while the leaf is a great source of vitamin C, iron and other minerals. With dimension of approx. 4cm × 4cm.


Viola is very popular as the entire flower is edible, with the blooms containing a velvety texture, and a minty and honey-sweet scent. The purple and yellow colours of blossoms are very suitable for cakes, sorbet, salads and drinks. With dimension of approx. 4cm × 4cm.


Lemon Gem Marigold, a petite, bite-size edible flower in yellow hue with five petals. Combined with its distinctive leafy shape makes a great choice for cake decoration, salad, and even salty dishes. Lemon Gem has a subtle citrus and spicy scent. With dimension of approx. 2cm × 2cm.




Assorted Edible Flower Mix

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    We offer a discount when you choose paper bag for packaging. To prevent products from dehydrating, please store your veggie in containers that hold moisture upon delivery. 


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    A small gift will be rewarded to eco-friendly customers, whom bring their own shopping bag for self pick up.

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