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Shipping Policy

對於訂閱,我們提供本地免費送貨(離島和偏遠地區除外)。交貨時間為星期六下午 2 點至下午 6 點。環保並幫助塑造更美好的未來。請在下次交貨時清洗並退回容器,以便我們重複使用減少浪費。  

對於一次性購買,我們 提供農場自提服務。 請自備購物袋,減少使用即棄膠袋。


Returns Policy


Payment Methods

線下支付 - PayMe / FPS

網上支付 - 信用卡

我們使用美國支付平台 Stripe 來接受和處理在線支付,以確保您的支付過程安全可靠。

  • Where do Agrician greens come from?
    Agrician greens are 100% locally grown in Fo Tan, Hong Kong. Urban farming indoors in the industrial area, using hydroponics technology which saves water usage up to 80% (in compare to soil gardens).
  • What kind of vegetables will I get?
    Every week we pick our selection of greens, herbs and maybe edible flowers! It will contain 5-7 different varieties every week. So ya, it's random like Chef's Pick. But we swear they all taste equally good and fresh!
  • How much vegetable can I get in each box?
    Net weight ~700 gram. Weight of more than 3 iPhone13 pro, 1.6 times the weight of a soccer ball, 2.3 times the weight of a human heart...I can continue if you don't stop me.
  • Is Agrician farm open to public?
    Due to hydgiene concern, our farm is not open to public at the moment. For any business enquiries, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.
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