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What Is Agrician?

Agrician /ˈægrɪʃən/ who practice the art and science of cultivation at its finest.

Agrician is a hydroponic farm located in Fotan, Hong Kong. We believe that the food system is a very important aspect of our well-being and also a healthy planet. In 2021, we see there is a huge opportunity for us to re-imagine, re-think and renovate our modern food system, especially in an urban area where food always comes from hundreds and thousands of miles away, urban farming could be a solution to shorten food miles and bond people together again. 

Our concept farm is located in Fo Tan, Hong Kong. We renovated an abandoned space from an industrial building, formerly a bicycle warehouse and turned it into an urban farm. It's not only a productive farm growing local fresh food but it is also a social place for people to connect, learn and have fun through farming experience. It also serves as a creative hub for our company to explore possibilities for better communities.

About Our Greens

We apply the water-based growing method with a combination of engineering, plant science, and computer-managed greenhouse control technologies used to optimize plant growth, plant quality, and energy efficiency.

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