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Shipping Policy

For subscriptions, we offer local FREE SHIPPING (except Tung Chung and outlying islands).

For subscriptions in Discovery Bay, extra charges will be included.

Please refer to the final pricing when checkout.

Delivery will be on Saturday 2 - 6 pm.

Be eco-friendly and help shape a better future. Please wash and return the container on the next delivery, so that we can reuse it on and on. 

For one-off purchases, we offer local shipping (except for Tung Chung and outlying islands.) The following is a reference to the shipping fee for each region, please refer to the final shipping fee on the check-out page.

Fo Tan District - $50, free shipping for purchase over $250


Kowloon & New Territories - $50, free shipping for purchase over $350


Hong Kong Island - $65, free shipping for purchase over $450


Delivery will be made on Saturday 2 - 6 pm.

For self pick-up, the time and venue would be on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2 -6 pm at THE FARM CLUB, Fo Tan.

If you have any questions upon shipping, please contact us before purchasing.

Returns Policy

We offer unused credit refund in the first month if you’re not satisfied with our products.

Payment Methods

Offline Payment - PayMe / FPS

Online Payment - Credit card

We use Stripe, the U.S. payment platform, to accept and process payments online, to keep your payment process safe and secure.

  • Where do Agrician greens come from?
    Agrician greens are 100% locally grown in Fo Tan, Hong Kong. Urban farming indoors in the industrial area, using hydroponics technology which saves water usage up to 80% (in compare to soil gardens).
  • What kind of vegetables will I get?
    Every week we pick our selection of greens, herbs and maybe edible flowers! It will contain 5-7 different varieties every week. So ya, it's random like Chef's Pick. But we swear they all taste equally good and fresh!
  • How much vegetable can I get in each box?
    Net weight ~700 gram. Weight of more than 3 iPhone13 pro, 1.6 times the weight of a soccer ball, 2.3 times the weight of a human heart...I can continue if you don't stop me.
  • Is Agrician farm open to public?
    Due to hydgiene concern, our farm is not open to public at the moment. For any business enquiries, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.
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